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Keynote Addresses

2001-Effect of Substance Abuse on Psychosis. Dual diagnosis mental health drug and alcohol forum. Keynote speaker. Sage Hill Remote Area Health Initiative, Hamilton, Vic. August.

1999-Latest research and understanding of treatment of schizophrenia:
Address delivered to the Australian Association of Families for the Mentally Ill (AARAFMI). Hilton Hotel.


Plenary Address

2002-Almonds & Seahorses: Role of emotion in the latest treatment and research in Schizophrenia. 5th Family and Carers of People with Mental Illness Conference, Melbourne, October


2002-Neuropsychology of Substance Abuse: Substance Abuse Conference:
AUSMED Publications, Melbourne, Victoria. June.


Title: Co-ordinating clinical and research processes in a public mental health Service:Rehabilitation Workshop:

Date: August 2000

Auspice: Macquarie University- NSW


Title: Effects of atypical antipsychotics on cognition through the course of psychosis: Comprehensive cognitive assessment protocols

Date:August 2000

Auspice:THeMHS Conference- Adelaide


Title: Fronto-striatal functioning in psychosis: Effects of Atypical antipsychotics on cognition

Date: September 1999

Co-presenters:Professor Bernd Galhoffer

Auspice: XI World Congress on Psychiatry – Hamburg, Germany


Title: Effects of Atypical antipsychotics on cognition through the course of psychosis. Invited paper presented at Clozaril –“The Evidence”.

Date: September 1998

Co-presenters:Associate Professor Christos Pantelis

Australian Business Number #235 447 15662
Australian Psychological Society Membership # 16882
Psychologist’s Registration Board # 3720
Medibank Private Provider # 1027661k

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